The Authors

Carl Bistany

Carl Bistany is director of SABIS Holdings and oversees the operating companies that manage schools in the global SABIS® Network. The network, which was established in 1886, educates 70,000 students in schools located in 16 countries on four continents.

Mr. Bistany has led the fourth-generation family-owned business since 1992 and transitioned it into a globally recognized, professionally managed enterprise. In addition to his active involvement as director, he has been instrumental in expanding the SABIS® Network in the private sector as well as the public sector including the U.S. charter school market.



Stephanie Gruner Buckley

Stephanie Gruner Buckley is an American writer in London. She previously worked as the Europe Editor for Quartz, as a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal in Europe, and as a staff writer at Inc. magazine. She teaches investigative reporting, ethics, and business reporting to journalists in economically developing countries.

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